The Grayson X Casamigos

Love The Grayson? Love tequila? Love no holds barred parties? Love live music? Love DJs spinning serious tunes?

Answered YES to any of the above? Then get involved, brave party goer, we’ve got something extra extra for you this Summer.

The Grayson has been the home of fabulous parties since 1745. That’s nearly 300 years of high jinx and fun. Whispers in hallways, music ringing out, dancing on stairs, peals of laughter and fantastic secrets being shared in the hallowed halls. If walls could talk, centuries of the great and the good party goers would be, ahem, concerned.

We at The Grayson are proud to continue the important business of throwing the best parties in town. Now, we’ve teamed up with the lip-smackingly delicious Casamigos Tequila to put on a party that will make the walls blush.

Hand on heart, you will not want to miss this.

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